Puerto Rico: Debt to Development with Justin Vélez-Hagan (Ep. 4)

Puerto Rico: Debt to Development with Justin Vélez-Hagan (Ep. 4)

Justin Vélez-Hagan is an economic policy analyst, as well as a policy researcher at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.  He is also the founder of The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, has served as an adjunct faculty member in economics, and is the author of The Common Sense behind Basic Economics.

Previously, Vélez-Hagan worked as an international developer of assisted living facilities. He also founded D.C. Concrete Technologies, which was a frequent guest on HGTV’s Curb Appeal, NBC’s House Smarts, and was featured in several national and local magazines and newspapers.

Vélez-Hagan is the Advisory Chair for Future Leaders in Policy (FLIP) and serves on the boards of several national organizations such as the National Military Family Association’s Technology Advisory Board, The Latino Coalition’s National Advisory Board, and the Multicultural Media, Telecom, and Internet Council‘s Telecommunications and Internet Policy Task Force.  Recently, he was appointed to serve on Maryland’s GOMA Small Business Advisory Council.

Vélez-Hagan received his MBA from Arizona State University and is pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. He is also a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

He can be reached at Justin@JustinVH.com, or via Twitter @JVelezHagan.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Puerto Rico’s economic situation
  • How Puerto Rico’s options compare to states on the mainland facing similar financial difficulties
  • Tech entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico
  • Broadband deployment and access in Puerto Rico


Broadband Opportunity Report and Recommendations

Justin Vélez-Hagan, “The Common Sense Behind Basic Economics: A Guide for Budding Economists, Students, and Voters” (Lexington Books, 2015).



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