Ep. 43: Congressman Bobby Scott (Remarks) and Ximena Hartsock on How to CRUSH Your Limitations

Ep. 43: Congressman Bobby Scott (Remarks) and Ximena Hartsock on How to CRUSH Your Limitations

Opening Remarks

Hon. Bobby Scott
United States Congressman Representing Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District
Ranking Member, Committee on Education and the Workforce

Ximena Hartsock (@ximenahartsock) is co-founder and President of Phone2Action. Phone2 Action’s digital grassroots platform makes it easy for your organization to attract and engage supporters. Social media, calling and email advocacy tools connect supporters to elected officials at every level, from city council to federal delegations, as well as to civic programs.

Ximena is an advocate at heart and has been involved in social advocacy campaigns since she was 11. Prior to co-founding Phone2ACtion, she managed membership and outreach for a national advocacy organization, where she ran hundreds of campaigns across the US. She has also held numerous leadership positions in Washington, DC, including spending time as a Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Agency Director. In 2009, she was appointed to the Executive Cabinet of then-DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. She earned her Doctorate in Policy Studies from the George Washington University and was born and raised in Santiago, Chile.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The right mindset to adopt to overcome your limitations (real and perceived) to reach your fullest potential.
  • How to effectively incorporate mobile into your advocacy campaign.
  • How to combine advocacy and entrepreneurship in a way that is profitable but also keeps you connected to the communities you care about.



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